La la la la la la - not listening!
Ignoring your website statistics

In order to make sound business decisions abour your website; in order to ensure its continued success, you must consult your website site usage and statistics. What pages get visits? What pages don't, and why? What cities, states, countries visit the site most often? How many come back? How long do they stay on the site? (Lengthy visits equals contact from the site.) Who visits the website from our email marketing efforts? How many times do they come back?

The Site Usage Report is your virtual receptionist. He can tell you who came by, who called, who had questions; but because you fail to pick up your memos, you fail your website. "Build it and they will come" doesn't apply on the Internet. You have to consistently tweak, change, and update content to better fit your target audience. Visitors are telling you what they want from your website. Don't ignore them.

A few ways our clients used their Site Statistics:

One client submits his business to 5 online directories, one of which offered free listings. The other 4, he paid for. His site usage statistics showed more visits coming from the free directory than the other 4 combined together. Needless to say, he did not renew his paid submissions.

Another client, a consultant, uses Google Ad Words to promote additional traffic to their website. These are their ads placed by Google on other websites. Site usage statistics show that well over 95% of the click-thrus are coming from sites having nothing whatsoever to do with their business - love matchmaking sites, web designer sites, exercise sites, car speaker sales, and such. An assessment of what keywords were being misinterpreted was in order.

A client has a surprisingly large number of visits to a small, indescript section of their website; a page that no one predicted would be so popular. Recreating this section with more interactive resources increased visits and also generated sales leads right into their Inbox.

An events company in Kentucky does some marketing while on vacation in Florida. Site usage reports show a very large spike in web visits from the state of Florida, for many months after they left the state. They no longer had to wonder if their efforts worked.

Your website is trying to tell you things. You should listen.

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