Anatomy of an email newsletter

From the outside in, from top to bottom, following is some basic information that can help your eNews be more of a success:

Your email list
Contact people who are in your target audience. Friends, family members, past co-workers, etc. can always help spread the word for you, but if they aren't in the market to do business with you, save them for a different type of email. Don't purchase a list. They're usually pretty old, and well, just useless. You must build an effective eList yourself. And, with each send of your eNews, fewer and fewer people will open it. Constantly updating your eList and adding new recipients is critical.

Subject line
Unique, catchy subject lines with words like "your" in it, and the hint of a quick list or a question are great ways to prompt the Curious Open. Subject lines such as "YourCompanyName merges with ABCCompany" or "YourCompanyName Opens A New Location" don't suggest you can help your recipient in any way and will guarantee File 13 for your email. Subject lines such as "5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing" or "Why Doesn't Google Like My Business Website?" or "Are You Leading Your Sales Team Down The Path Of No Appointments?" prompt the "Curious Open". Remember, long subject lines may be truncated in many email clients.

The header
Once the recipient has decided to open your email, the header is where you have all your power. There are 2 things to remember about email:

1)People don't scroll in email. Your good stuff needs to be at the top.

2) You have only 7 seconds for the recipient to determine, from the top part of your eNewsletter, if it's worth his or her while to scan further or click through to your website. The header should have lots of clickable graphics and prompts.

The body
You're not going to sell your recipeint in the email. Email doesn't work that way. You need to get them back to the website. It's the sole purpose of your eNewsletter. Sections or blocked areas help to fit more pertinent content in the viewable area. Headlines, blurbs, and teasers help with the scanning behavior and get the recipient back to the website, where there is more content to do the real selling of your business.

You can't pitch everything about your business in one email newsletter. Decide what 2 or 3 things you wish to focus on in each newsletter. Have LOTS of ways and places for the recipient to click back to the site.

Activity Reports
Using hosted email broadcast software means you get statistics on what happened with your email. Delivery Rate tells you if your eList was any good. Open Rate tells you if your subject line is worthwhile. Click-Through Rate tells you what your recipients think of the information inside the email. Email should follow the Rule of 20. Twenty percent should open the email. Twenty percent should forward the email. And twenty percent should click through to the website. The Rule of 20 guaranatees contact from your website. It is impossible to know the success of your email newsletter and what changes need to be made without reviewing your email statistics and activity.

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